OAWA Executive Committee

Name Roles Contact
Jay Jordon Executive Member at Large president@oawa.ca
President Chairman of the Board
  Liaison for Ontario to Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL)
Bob Parsons Technical Programs technical@oawa.ca
Vice-President, Technical Athlete Assistance (Carding)
  Provincial Championships
  Ontario Games
  OAWA/Officials Working Committee member
  Chair High Performanceand other Technical Committees
Laura Jones-Summers Oversees Office management & staff vp_admin@oawa.ca
Vice-President, Administration & Marketing General management issues
  OAWA/Officials Working Committee member
Jason O'Neil Coaching Development and NCCP vpcoaching@oawa.ca
Vice-President, Coaching
Jeremy LaTour Athlete Development Programs odp@oawa.ca
Vice-President, Development Ontario Development Program
Sheldon Francis Oversee OAWA Communications  
Vice-President, Communications and Promotion Web site and Social Media presence vpcommunication@oawa.ca
Vacant  Budget Development and monitoring finance@oawa.ca
Treasurer Financial control
Jess Tang Meeting Planning & Recording secretary@oawa.ca
Secretary Constitutional Change & Maintenance
Bill Hogarth Executive Member at Large past_president@oawa.ca
Past President Oversee Marketing Plan
OAWA Staff and Volunteers    
Name Roles Contact
Tim MaGarrey Senior Staff Member admin@oawa.ca
Provincial Director Oversees overall management
  Supervise staff and contractors
  Financial Management
  Strategic Planning 
  Office Manager
  Convenor-Provincial Championships
  General Program Delivery 
Bob Parsons Manage OAWA Membership System registrations@oawa.ca
Membership Registrar Club/Individual Membership process inquiries
  Membership Database Maintenance
Chris Stefopulos Provincial Team Travel to National Championships OAWAnationals@hotmail.com
Program Coordinator Provincial Championships Pre-Registration 
  Assist at events
  Administrative Support for Ontario High 
  Performance Program
Shawn Whitely Manage OAWA Website WebContentMgr@oawa.ca
Web Content Manager Manage OAWA Facebook & Twitter