Policy for the Control of Infectious Skin Conditions
The Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association believes that severely limiting all infectious skin conditions, including ringworm is critically important to the continued positive development of the sport of Amateur Wrestling in Ontario. As such, the O.A.W.A. will continue to take measures designed to achieve this goal.
1. Educate coaches with respect to the conditions, causes and ways to limit them. It is critical that coaches be educated that it is their responsibility to eliminate ringworm and other infectious skin conditions. Attention must be paid to severely limiting infectious skin conditions in their club, not just "getting through" skin checks. This to be done through the following:
information as/if required in Coaches' Monthly Mailings.
articles as/if required in the Ontario Wrestler.
seminar sessions at athlete and coaches camps and clinics operated or sponsored by the O.A.W.A.
information sessions at events as necessary.
information available upon request from the O.A.W.A. (print material) and/or from the O.A.W.A. medical resource person (verbal). These materials to be made available by phone, FAX, mail, and in whatever other way feasible or required.
2. Promote athlete fitness.