In amateur wrestling, the official is a critical component of the sport. He/she is the ‘third person on the mat’. As such, the OAWA works annually to recruit new officials and to develop existing officials. Our primary partner on this initiative is the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Officials Association (OAWOA for short)

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For more information on the Ontario Amateur Wresting Officials' Association, follow the link below.

Please note that when you click on this link, you are leaving the OAWA website and are being re-directed to the website of the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Officials' Association (OAWOA).

The OAWOA is a member-group of the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association. OAWOA runs local clinics for the recruitment and training of officials throughout Ontario with the support of the Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association

The OAWOA website operates separate from the OAWA website. The OAWA assumes no responsibility for this external site or any of its content. Click to continue to the OAWOA site .

For further information on the OAWOA, you are invited to contact:

Mr. John Krahn Vice-Chairman, Communication, OAWOA

Johnoawoa[AT] NOTE: [AT] used in place of @ to avoid spambots

On the OAWOA web-site, you will find among other important information on officiating, regional contacts for officials in your area. These are known as Regional Area Chairmen. Competition hosts/convenors and volunteers interested in becoming officials should contact the Regional Area Chairman listed on the OAWOA site for information about officials’ clinics in their area or to request trained officials for events in your area.

Please note that the OAWA emphasizes the importance of the use of only properly trained and OAWA/OAWOA member officials for all wrestling events.

Resources for Officials and others:

1. Current Wrestling Canada Lutte Rulebook:

2. Current OFSAA Wrestling Rule modifications: 

3. Current Youth Wrestling Rule modifications. Click here

4. Pre-event safety checklist for competitions. Click here

5. OAWA In-event Incident Report (to document injuries for example). Click here