OAWA AGM Announcement - Sept 26 10AM

OAWA Announces September 26 date for 2020 OAWA AGM.

The OAWA is pleased to announce that the 2020 OAWA Annual General Meeting will take place Saturday September 26, 2020 at 10:00 am.

OAWA President Jason O’Neil said:  “We are holding out hope that COVID-19 Restrictions in Ontario will be relaxed enough by that date that we may be able to hold an in-person meeting, but will also go ahead with making possible arrangements to hold the meeting on-line if necessary”.

The OAWA Annual General Meeting will be key this year for many reasons, key among them the introduction and discussion of the OAWA Strategic Plan.  We want to get member feedback on the Plan so we can operationalize it to help OAWA better serve the members.

In addition, the AGM will feature:

1.       OAWA Executive Committee Elections

2.       Approval, OAWA Audited Financial Statements for 2019-2020.

3.       OAWA key event assignments for 2022.

4.       Review and adoption of a revised set of by-Laws for OAWA.

Regarding the by-Laws, Clubs are reminded they have been asked to comment on several key issues surrounding a new set of by-Laws.  Any Club that hasn’t completed the Surveys are asked to do so using the links for Clubs you have been sent.

Thank you.