Ontario Youth Wrestling Rule Modifications

Coaches and others are reminded that the OAWA follows the standard Rule Modifications for Youth Wrestling.

These rules are available by clicking HERE

The OAWA Youth Rules use the standard Wrestling Canada U-17 rules per the current Wrestling Canada rulebook*, with the following Modifications:

OAWA Youth Rule Modifications

* For the current (March 2023) Wrestling Canada Rules, CLICK HERE.

Also, a clarification:
The OAWA Youth rules ban the use of the ‘Gabori’ technique at all levels, Tyke to Bantam.  This is also known as the ‘Alligator roll’.  Wrestlers may take a head and arm control from the front in Par Terre, but may not attempt any sort of roll from the head and arm (the Gabori).  The referee will watch for this and stop the action immediately as soon as any attempt at a roll is made.