Request for Quote - Wrestling Project

Request for quote - oawa

Project Description: Development of a Toolkit – for use by OAWA Clubs when planning Return to training/competition.

Product Goal: Develop a ‘Toolkit’ for Clubs to take to their local facilities and school administrations - show that wrestling can come back safely.

Summary of the research expected:

  • Review of literature relating to return to the sport of wrestling training/competition after COVID in other jurisdictions. 
  • Examples may include what boarding states (New York, Michigan, etc.) have done in order to continue safely wrestling.
  • Comparison to other similar sports and their experiences? (eg. Jiu Jitsu, Judo, etc.)
  • Any statistics on cases/breakouts resulting
  • Statistics on participation vs. cases resulting
  • Information on any mitigating measures used in other jurisdictions (masks by coaches, testing, etc.)

Delivery Method: Digital- PowerPoint, Slide Show or PDF File that can be delivered electronically. 

Due Date: September 15, 2021

Terms and Conditions: Author is free to publish any resulting materials, crediting OAWA as Sponsor of project.

Interested? Please contact Provincial Director, Tim MaGarrey at 416-426-7274 or