2019 Ontario Junior Championships

  • Saturday, January 26, 2019 
  • Ontario Junior Championships 
  • University of Western Ontario - London, Ont.
  •  (416) 426-7274
  • admin@oawa.ca 
  • Weight Classes:            
  • Junior Men (KG): 54 - 57 - 61 - 65 -70 - 74 – 79 -86 – 92 -97 - 125 - NO allowance
    Junior Women (KG): 46 - 50 - 53 - 55 - 57 - 59 - 62 – 65 – 68 - 72 – 76 - 82 - NO allowance
    (Note:  82 kg. is not an official weight class and will not earn carding points)
    Pre-Registration:  Pre-register by Monday Jan. 21st  
    The pre-registration list will be posted to the OAWA site by Jan. 23, 2018.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR LIST.  WITHDRAWALS CAN BE MADE BY JAN. 24, 2018 AT NO COST.  WITHDRAWALS AFTER THIS OR AT THE EVENT WILL BE CHARGED $10.00.  All Registration is to be completed Saturday morning.  Note:  Athletes can change weight classes at weigh-ins.  Participants must complete membership registration on-line with the O.A.W.A. in advance of the event
  • Registration /Weigh-in:   Saturday, January 26, 2019.  ALUMNI HALL
    Final Registration opens at 7:30 am.       Weigh-ins:  8:00 – 8:30 am
  • Wrestling Starts: 10:30 am Note:  There will NOT be a staggered start.  All divisions will run in the one session
  • Eligibility: Juniors are those born 1999-2000. 
  • Athletes turning 17 years of age in 2019 may compete with a medical note per WCL rules.
  • Coaches Meeting:  Saturday January 26, 2019         9:30 am. at the venue
  • Draw Format:  Double-elimination Bracket draw.  Any weight classes with five or fewer athletes will wrestle a round-robin.  The event will use TrackWrestling.
  • Registration:
    Please complete the Google Docs entry form by January 21, 2019
    Access the form on the OAWA web site:  www.oawa.ca
    Added $15/athlete fee for athletes not pre-registered.
    $10.00 cancellation fee for athletes pre-registered but withdrawn by Jan. 24, 2019.
    Athletes can compete in a different weight than they pre-registered.
    OAWA MEMBERSHIP:  All participants must be members of OAWA.  
    Coaches are required to complete registration before the close of weigh-ins.                       
    (416)426-7274 or admin@oawa.ca 
    Other Information
    Coaches:          Coaches must be minimum NCCP Competition/Introduction Certified to Coach.
    Coaching Passes will be distributed - only accredited coaches will be allowed in the corner.
    Coaches also please complete the Google Docs entry form by January 21, 2019
    Access the form on the OAWA web site:  www.oawa.ca

    Ontario Athlete Assistance Program:
    • Junior athletes wishing to be considered for carding for 2018-2019 are required to participate, unless they competed in the 2018 Ontario Senior Championships. 
    • This event will be used as part of the OAWA Selection process for the 2019-2020 Ontario Athlete Assistance Program (carding). 
    • To be considered for carding for the April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020 Carding Eligibility program Junior athletes must compete in these Ontario Junior Championships. 
    • Injuries:  The only exceptions will be if the athlete provides a signed Doctor’s note indicating that they are injured and unable to participate.  This note must be provided at or before the close of weigh-ins to the Convenor or V.P. Technical of OAWA.  Please see the full OAWA Carding Criteria for complete details on requirements to participate, and exemptions.  Carding Criteria available on the OAWA web site. 
    • Athletes travelling on Wrestling Canada Lutte National Team Wrestling events may miss the event without penalty, but cannot earn placing points from this event.
  • Rules:               Current Wrestling Canada Lutte rules
    Awards:            Provincial Championships Medals for top 3, Ribbons for 4th, 5th, and 6th
    Entry Fee:        $95.00 per wrestler pre-registered in advance (see below).  (price listed includes HST)
    $110.00 per wrestler not pre-registered (make cheque payable to OAWA) (price listed includes HST)
  • Recommended Hotel:  Please see the attached information sheet for hotel information
  • Other: This event is being hosted by and in partnership with the University of Western Ontario Mustangs and the London-Western Wrestling Club.  The Western Open will take place Sunday January 27th at Western and we encourage all Ontario Junior participants to stay for the Western Open
    For further event information, contact the O.A.W.A. office or go on-line at www.oawa.ca